Mazen Z
Home is the most important place on Earth . It should be personal. Home is that it can be a source of inspiration and function where you can find the tools you need to create a Home that truly reflects your story.


Nury zaghab
Home is the most important place on Earth . It should be personal. Home is that it can be a source of inspiration and function where you can find the tools you need to create a Home that truly reflects your story.

Gabriel Acosta was the reason our loan process was OUSTANDING . He and hes team of EMB lenders consistently went above and beyond to provide personalized service that never failed to make us feel valued, appreciated and informed. INCREDIBLE service work ethic and attitude. Throughout our entire loan process, our needs were prioritized and our time was respected. Gabriel made sure that we were aware of every step and always kept up to date . Thank you for the EXCELLENT experience!" I Highly recommended EMB Lenders.


Santiago Bolivar
I just wanted to write to thank you for all your help and support during the time of my home purchase. This house is my first home and it's a dream come true, which thanks to you, happened. Everyone on your team at EMB Lenders was so helpful and full of energy and knowledge, focused on helping your customers. Thank you for making the process simple and explaining everything in detail so I could understand better the complexity of the loan and the process. It's been now six months since I moved into my house and i cannot stop thank ing God for guiding me into making everything with you. I will make sure to send you referrals as the experience i had was unique and memorable. I wish you the best in your business and hopefully I will be able to do more purchases through you guys in the future!


Julianna & Allan Guevara
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We are so glad and blessed with the purchase of our single family home. We could'nt have done it without each of you! Gabriel, thank you for always keeping our best interest in mind. Your time and sacrifices are so appreciated! Monica, thank you for your patience and for leading us to our new home! And Elizabeth, thank you for stepping in last minute! :) Paola, Maria, Julietta and company, thank you for the many emails and phone calls... You all pulled off the impossible! We can't thank you enough. Many blessings to you all! ♥


Yves "May" Theard
Good Morning Juliana,
It has been over ten days that i closed on the purchase of my home. I want to thank you for the attention and professionalism you provided with my loan application. Your service was done with the up-most accuracy and was timely and effective. I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and felt very comfortable corresponding with you. Regards and many thanks to you Gabriel.


Tati and George
Gabriel, Just a little note to say thank you for all your help. You helped make our dream come true.


Marcos Yanez, Executive Account Director Americas – Hewlett-Packard Global Account & Cloud
Last Thursday we closed the purchase and mortgage process for my new home. I would like to thank you, and especially your team for the work done that was really wonderful. As you know, this was my first purchase and I came from Europe few years ago where the process to purchase a home is quite different, so I had a lot of doubts and questions. Your team, specially Cary and Kathy, helped all the time, answering right away my frequent questions. I felt like I was working with partners that were helping me to reach my goals, advising me, showing years of experience on the financial mortgage and with an incredible human component, understanding the concerns and worries that involve a home purchase.  The process was quite smooth, clear, fast and the final price was exactly and even better than expected. Today is really difficult to find financial companies with this kind of personalized attention and at the same time, with this level of professionalism and experience. I must recognize that EMB duty was tremendous and very professional; in fact, I’m recommending your company to my peers and colleagues.


Glenn and Tanya Chang
We recently had the pleasure of refinancing our home with EMB Lenders and had an absolutely wonderful experience.  The staff was always professional, friendly, courteous, efficient, and willingly answered our questions in a timely fashion.  Gabriel Acosta was very knowledgeable, explained everything at a level that we could understand, made us feel comfortable and confident, and was a pleasure to interact with.  Gabriel took the time to research and suggested options that best suited our situation and explained the reasons why. I have been employed with Baptist Health South Florida for the past 21 years. Baptist Health South Florida is an organization that makes quality, safety, and ethics a top priority, and puts people first.  My husband has been employed with the word renowned and highly respected company, FedEx, for the past 22 years. We are extremely fortunate to work with such reputable organizations. As such, we are able to recognize and appreciate the stellar customer service provided to us by EMB Lenders. Overall, we could not have asked for a better experience. We always felt that we were in good hands and that EMB Lenders always had our best interest at heart. 


Nancy & Danny Rios
Gabriel, just a little something to say thank you for handling our loan. We could not be happier. You have an amazing staff. Juliana was great.


Von & Kai
I want to thank you to all of you through the process of buying my home. I could not have done it without you. You made the impossible, possible! I am happy to have you by our side. I can’t thank you enough.


Sidney Lara – Citigroup – Digital Banking Technology
My experience with EMB Lenders goes from uncertainty to delightful.  I was probably another customer to them. However, to me, refinancing my home was key to achieve my financial goals and EMB just exceeded in that sense. First, they had reviewed my initial goal commensurate with my then financial status and adjusted it to the most appropriate objectives.  The level of information I got as to determine the right refinance organization made the difference; and I am happy with the decisions that they helped me make. Then they had supported me throughout the entire refinancing process with extreme sense of professionalism and care. Finally, at the end of the process, they even handled contact restrictions I had, while I traveled abroad, going above and beyond finding the ways to send my documentations, for my review and approval. Bottom line, EMB is one of those companies built on top of sound business practices, and I am recommending them to friends and people I know.


Wil, Natalia, Nikki and Cathy
Thanks to each one of you, for all of your patience, dedication and support during all these years in helping us make our dream of owning a home again come true. May the Lord Jesus bless you and make your dreams also come true.


Dear Gabriel and staff, with sincere gratitude and warmest thanks, I want to thank you and your team for all the help that you provided me.


Jorge and Adriana
To the wonderful team at EMB Lenders, thanks very much for all the dedication and hard work you have put into helping us make our dream come true. May God bless you for all your help!


Robert Herrada
Hello, Mr. Acosta. As you are aware, on November 26th, we (meaning myself and the Team that helped me, EMB being an integral part) closed on my home – and I could not be happier. If I learned a lesson as a first-time homebuyer, it is that a home purchase is indeed a team effort in which all the parts need to fall into place at the right time. And looking back, I could not have had a better team. Thank you EMB for being there every step of the way! I would like to mention, that my key liaison, Mr. Steven Blaha, was instrumental in making this purchase an outstanding experience. Regardless of the matter or time of day, Steven did not miss a beat and was responsive to all of my issues. Furthermore, he was constantly communicating with the other institutions and team members in a proactive fashion to ensure that everything moved along correctly. Better service would have been practically impossible. I will have no problems in recommending EMB’s great service in the future.


Luis & Simone
EMB Lenders, thank you so much for your timeless effort with the house loan. It is greatly appreciated! Many blessings.


Jorge Mojica-Sara Ciendua
Por medio de la presente, agradecemos toda la atencion prestada a nuestra solicitud de refinanciamiento; al mismo tiempo, felicitarlo por su equipo de trabajo, y en especial, por Juliana Hincapie, quien lidero el equipo que atendio nuestro requerimiento en tal forma, que en un mes, el mes de Julio, ya estabamos firmando todo lo relacionado.


Jennifer Lesmez & Marco Bohorquez
We just want to take a moment to thank you all at EMB for the especially pleasant experience we had with your company in acquiring the loan for our first home.  Everyone was very helpful and skilled in advising and helping us to get through the process of buying our first home.  At EMB, everyone is knowledgeable and are always willing to help.  We just wanted to advise that your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed. My husband and I are grateful for the diligence of your team and we look forward to our new home due in large part to the efforts brought forth by the EMB family. Thank you for all your help EMB!


Carlos & Iris Beltran
Esta carta es para darles las gracias porque estamos tan agradecidos por toda la ayuda que EMB Lenders, por medio del Sueno Hispano nos dio, a traves de la compra de nuestra casa.  Todos son tan especiales, porque aunque nosotros perdiamos las esperanzas, todos estuvieron alli para no dejar que nos dieramos por vencidos; ademas de ser profesionales en lo que hacen, Tambien hacen que uno se sienta como que uno es tan importante para ustedes, dando palabras de animo y recordando siempre que Dios esta en control de todo en nuestras vidas.  Muchas gracias Sr. Gabriel, porque cuando lo escuchamos en la radio decir, que nosotros podiamos comprar casa, supimos que era el angel con respuesta a nuestra oracion, porque no sabiamos a donde ir o con quien hablar. Luego, cuando ya empezamos a hacer todos los papeles, ustedes siempre estuvieron contestando nuestras preguntas y aunque llamabamos a toda hora, siempre fueron muy amables con nosotros y Tambien viniendo a la casa trayendo todos los papeles para que los firmaramos.Que Dios los bendiga y que todo lo que hagan sea bendecido por nuestro Dios. Y por favor, sigan ayudando a las personas, que como nosotros, no sabiamos a quien acudir y los encontramos a ustedes.  Sigan Adelante, hacienda tan magnifico trabajo; una vez mas, que Dios los bendiga por el resto de sus vidas y que todo lo que toque sus manos, sea multiplicado.


Alejandro & Janice Murgueytio- Owners of Edible Arrangements- Stores in Miramar and Davie, Fl
We bought or house in 2006, when the prices of the properties and the interests rates were still high. Having all of our businesses and personal accounts with one of the biggest banks in the Country, we decided to finance our house with them for 30 years, and at an interest rate of 6.25%. In 2012, trying to take advantage of the low interest rates in the market, we contacted our bank to refinance our house, and the interest rate that they were offering was 4.25%, but the application process was long and they kept requesting more and more documents from us, until they denied it.  My wife and I have excellent credit score, and the price of the house was no lower than what we owed. Few weeks later, we heard about EMB Lenders, so we decided to give it a try. We made an appointment, for which we received a list of all documents they needed from us.  The professionalism at their office was remarkable. We presented all the documents requested by them, and in few days, we were approved, and at an interest rate of 3.90%, with no points. In less than 3 weeks, we did the closing at their office. If in the future we decide to buy another house or need to refinance to expand our business, our first approach will be to EMB Lenders again.